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Are you ready to give your child the adventure of a lifetime? Picture them scaling climbing walls, conquering obstacle courses, and building friendships — all in the great outdoors! But wait, how do you manage to fund your child’s trip? The answer lies in childcare vouchers. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about using childcare vouchers to pay for your kid’s adventure at a PGL camp.

What are childcare vouchers?

Childcare vouchers are a form of employee benefit that enables working parents to pay for childcare services with pre-tax income, allowing them to save on tax and national insurance. Essentially, they offer a tax-efficient way to cover childcare costs, providing relief to families juggling work and parenting responsibilities. 

Although the Childcare Voucher scheme stopped accepting new applicants in October 2018, if you signed up before then and remain with the same employer (and they still offer the scheme), you can still use them. Otherwise, Tax-Free Childcare could be a good alternative.

Accepting childcare vouchers

To accept childcare vouchers, PGL is required to undergo registration and inspection by OFSTED at each English centre where we plan to accept them as a form of payment for your child’s adventure camp trip.

Currently, we can only engage in Childcare Voucher schemes at the English centres outlined below. Please note that this list is regularly reviewed and may be subject to changes due to varying regulations in Scotland and Wales following devolution.

  • EY554514 Bawdsey Manor
  • EY387608 Beam House
  • EY387602 Boreatton Park
  • 2691399 Ford Castle
  • EY412289 Liddington
  • EY387611 Little Canada
  • EY395219 Marchants Hill
  • EY2736974 Newby Wiske Hall
  • EY387610 Osmington Bay
  • EY412645 Windmill Hill
  • EY387613 Winmarleigh Hall

Visit our Booking with PGL – Childcare Vouchers page for more information. 

Using childcare vouchers to pay for your kid’s adventure

To make a payment using childcare vouchers for your kid’s adventure camp, you must have an application with a Childcare Grant Scheme (CCG) account set up. The Government covers up to 85% of weekly childcare costs, and payments are made retrospectively, so full payment is needed upfront before the holiday. Upon request, we’ll organise a claim and reimbursement after the holiday.

Please be aware that childcare voucher payments are exclusively accepted for our Kids’ Camps at English centres and cannot be used for other children, Schools, Groups, or Family Holidays. When making an online payment through your provider using childcare vouchers, ensure your booking reference and your child’s name are included in the payment details. This allows us to connect the payment to your child’s enrolment.

Most providers usually ask for the centre’s postcode or registration number to locate PGL and facilitate payment. You can find these details on our Paying with Childcare Vouchers page.  

If your provider requires a particular reference or account number not displayed, please reach out to us on 0333 321 2114 or [email protected] as we may already have this information. We are more than willing to establish registration with new providers, but you’ll need to contact your provider/employer and request they send us a registration form.

Book your kid’s adventure for less with PGL!

Take advantage of the Childcare Voucher scheme to open the doors to an unforgettable trip for your child at our adventure camp. With an array of thrilling activities like multi-activity holidays, street dance, baking, science, and watersports, your kids will never want to leave! 

So why wait? If you are interested in using your childcare vouchers on a PGL Kids’ Camp and would like more information please contact us on 0333 321 2114.

See below for more information from some of the UK’s main childcare voucher providers:

  • Edenred Childcare Vouchers
  • Sodexo
  • Computershare Voucher Services
  • Gemelli
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