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Connecting kids to nature has endless benefits, and it’s something that we always encourage kids to do when they’re at camp with PGL. We have many activities that help kids learn more about nature and build curiosity about the world around them.

So, what are the benefits of spending time in nature? Let’s dive in!

Benefits of nature for kids

Healthier mental wellbeing

Spending time in nature can be great for reducing stress. Adventuring through a forest or exploring a park helps kids switch off and take a break to focus on what’s right in front of them. Whether kids are anxious or stressed because of exams or anything else, connecting kids to nature can have a positive effect on their mental wellbeing! The way the environment can improve mental wellbeing by simply taking a walk outside is huge, and it’s definitely one of the biggest benefits of spending time in nature.

Develops an interest in learning

The great outdoors always sparks an interest from kids wanting to learn more. It has so much to offer and explore! With so many things to learn about, whether it’s creatures, plants, water and how they work, there’s always something to intrigue kids. At PGL we always promote learning in all of our nature activities!

Benefits physical health

Walking, running, swimming — they all have incredible physical health benefits for kids! Whether your kids are walking or running through a forest, or swimming in a lake, it’s all exercise, and it’s fun too! At PGL, the day always includes physical activity, because we make the most of connecting kids to nature.

Reduces time on devices

If kids are out in nature, then they’re not on their devices! In the current world where digital devices are becoming a big part of kids entertainment, being out in nature is great for spending some quality time away from the tech.

Nature activities at PGL

Tree Climb

It’s something almost all kids have tried before! Well at some of our centres, your kids can learn how to scale the trees in our surrounding forests with our qualified instructors there to give advice and understand risks.


Kids at camp will learn how to build a shelter in the wilderness and develop their survival skills! It’s a great team activity that encourages kids to learn more about the environment and how they can use nature to their advantage.

Burn Walk

At Dalguise, your kids can go on a mini adventure to find a burn nearby, as well as a waterfall and a dam! There’s lots to learn about the environment along the walk, and it’s an epic way to explore nature.

Explore nature with PGL!

Now you know the benefits of spending time in nature for kids, why not take a look at our outdoor adventure camps! At PGL, we have a range of adventure-filled camps over the school holidays, including multi-activity holidayswatersports camps and more. Our camps have been running for over 66 years! So, we know a thing or two about adventure. You can also browse all of our children’s adventure holidays here.

We also have plenty of other camps running throughout the school holidays. So, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to see how we can help with connecting kids to nature. It’s never too late to book!

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