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Summer activity camps for kids are incredibly beneficial for a whole number of reasons. First and foremost, they’re so much fun, and at PGL we’re all about making your child’s time here one to remember!

If you’re looking for where to take kids in school holidays, then outdoor adventure camps could be a great choice for your child. So, what makes them so great?

Outdoor adventure camps boost social skills

All social skills are super important for the development of children. Why? Well here’s why:

  • Grows confidence
  • Helps create friendships
  • Improves communication
  • Builds teamwork skills

Through competing in a range of challenges and collaborating with others in activities, outdoor adventure camps promote the development of social skills with teamwork and cooperation!

The benefits kids gain are invaluable to their development, and can also help improve their learning at school! See our blog on how outdoor adventure camps boost social skills.

Why kids spending time in nature is beneficial

Nature is a fantastic thing, and it’s something we don’t take for granted at PGL. We understand the benefits spending time in nature has on children, and we gear some of our activities towards these. Through our Tree Climb, Survivor, and Burn Walk activities, we help children show appreciation for the environment and encourage them to make the most of it!

Here are some of the benefits of kids spending time in nature:

  • Healthier mental wellbeing
  • Develops their interest in learning
  • Improves physical health
  • Reduces time on devices

How to encourage your kids to adventure in the great outdoors

You can encourage your kids to make the most of the outdoors at home too! There’s so much to explore and so many places to adventure, and you don’t even have to go far.

Your adventurers might just need that little boost to get them away from their devices and out into the open! So here’s how you can encourage your kids to adventure in the great outdoors:

  • Take your children on frequent walks
  • Schedule time away from devices
  • Create adventures in the garden
  • Book them onto summer activity camps for kids

6 fun nature activities to do in your own garden

We said you don’t have to go far for an epic adventure, and your garden is a great location to get involved with some nature activities. With lots of interesting wildlife and opportunities to learn, your garden is an ideal place for an adventure, and it’s a place where your children are comfortable.

Here are 6 fun nature activities you can do in your own garden:

  • Camping- Set up your tent and get comfortable for the night! What a great adventure.
  • Find the wildlife in your garden- What wildlife can your child find in your garden? They can note down everything they find and research it after their adventure.
  • Scavenger hunt- Give your child a criteria and see what they can find. Off they go!
  • Family picnic- What’s better than a picnic on a summer’s day? It’s a great opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors and make the most of nature.
  • Play in the rain- Playing in the rain can be quite a freeing experience. We usually stay inside when it starts to pour, but next time why not head outside and embrace it with your child! It’s surprisingly fun.
  • Create Art- Collect leaves, twigs, or whatever you and your child can find, and then use the materials to make a unique piece of art!

Outdoor adventure activities at PGL

Our summer activity camps for kids are jam-packed full of adventures! We practise what we preach, which is why our activities help promote a range of different skills. Here are some of the activities your child can take part in at PGL:

  1. Abseiling
  2. Dragon Boating
  3. Low-level Ropes Course
  4. Orienteering
  5. Tree Climb
  6. Zip Wire + Trapeze

For our full list of outdoor adventure activities for kids see our A-Z of activities.

Homesickness tips for your kids at camp

Homesickness is something we have all experienced before, and it’s great that you can empathise with your child and let them know about your own experiences. If you’re thinking of sending your kids to a summer adventure camp, then there are some ways you can try and reduce homesickness at camp. Here are our tips for reducing homesickness:

  • Involve your child in camp decisions
  • Talk through the fun activities they’ll be doing
  • Let them know homesickness doesn’t mean camp isn’t fun
  • Suggest your child takes a comforting item to camp
  • Stay in touch while they’re at camp

Book your child’s outdoor adventure today!

We hope this gives you some help on where to take kids in school holidays! If you’re looking for some summer activity camps for kids, why not check out our outdoor adventure camps? We have a range of adventure-filled camps over the school holidays, including multi-activity holidayswatersports camps and more. Our camps have been running for over 66 years! So, we know a thing or two about adventure. You can also browse all of our children’s adventure holidays here.

We also have plenty of other camps running throughout the school holidays. So, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to see how we can help. It’s never too late to book!

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