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Homesickness can be common not just at camp, but on any occasion where your child is away from you. But homesickness doesn’t mean they’re not having fun. The feeling of missing home is something every child experiences as they get older and begin to become more independent, and it’s good to let your children know that it’s normal to feel this way.

How to reduce homesickness at summer camp

Even though homesickness is completely normal, there are some things you can do to help reduce homesickness at summer camp, so your children can keep their minds set on having a fun and adventurous summer! Here are some tips for homesickness at camp.

Involve your child in decisions for camp

One of the best tips for homesickness at camp is to involve your child in the decisions that involve them at camp. Giving them more independence and control over what they take, what they do when at camp, what they eat and other things, allows them to feel more comfortable when they are there.

Talk through the fun things they’ll be doing

Build up the excitement with your child! Dive into the many activities your child will be getting involved with at camp to get them ready for a thrilling adventure. You can take a look at the A-Z of activities that we do here at PGL!

Homesickness doesn’t mean camp isn’t fun

Let your kids know that homesickness doesn’t mean that camp isn’t fun. It’s a natural feeling that lots of people get when they’re away from home and it’s just a part of getting older! Give them the confidence to know that when they feel like this, they’re able to overcome it and continue having fun making new friends and trying out new adventure activities!

Suggest your child takes a comforting item

Maybe suggest that your child take something comforting with them to their camp. It can be a great way to remind them that they’re only away for a few days, a week, or so and they’ll eventually be back home. It could also help them sleep better at night knowing they have something that they usually sleep with back at home. This could be one item or even a few. We want your children to be as comfortable as possible at camp!

Stay in touch

When your children are at camp, you could give them a call every now and then. It’s a great opportunity for them to tell you all the incredible things they’ve been doing, new friends they’ve made and what activities they have been doing! If they don’t have a mobile phone, then not to worry, our team can arrange a call home if they feel homesick. Our guest welfare officers are around to make sure everyone on camp is okay!

Letting your child hear your voice and knowing you’re only a phone call away can be encouraging for them. It’s always good to limit these calls as much as possible to allow your children to focus on having a fun time themselves!

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